Read Sherlock!


What makes Read Sherlock! different from the multitude of other Sherlock Holmes e-texts? Everything from basic web usability rules to advanced Javascript coding have been applied to make RS a beautiful site to read on the computer monitor, iPhone, or even printed paper.


Please defray this site's operational costs by purchasing your mystery books through our Amazon affiliate store. Each book in the store has been personally read and approved for Sherlock Holmes fans!


Fixed width to limit words-per-line. Studies have shown 12-15 words-per-line is optimal for reading English text. Many e-texts have lines of text that stretch the full width of the window, making it difficult to find the beginning of a line after finishing the previous line.

Sans-serif fonts for web, serif fonts for print. Computer monitors have yet to achieve the resolution of real-life print. So while printed media can employ classical serif fonts, online media needs to use sans-serif fonts.

Floating tables of content. In print, ToC's are located once, before the main text. There is no reason why online media should be limited! To make your reading experience less distracting, our ToC fades out of view when your mouse is on the side of the page.

Permalinks for every paragraph. So you never lose your place, you can save your current paragraph by clicking on it! This feature requires Javascript, so Internet Explorer may be slow. For optimal performance, use Firefox or Chrome as your browser.